Where To Start – Mission Wallpaper

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Where to start. There were so many jobs I didn’t know where to start. The first job I decided to start was to strip all the wallpaper off the walls. Ever wall in the house was covered in at least one layer of wall paper, some had two. I asked a few friends a local builder on their advice on how to remove the wallpaper. Some said to use a steam wallpaper stripper.


The most common theme was to get the wallpaper wet and scrape it off, well you have to scrape it off which ever method you choose. I did some research. It turns out you can get some wall paper stripper concentrate liquid that once sprayed on will absorb in and dissolve the adhesive allowing the wallpaper to scrape off easily.

I finally decided I was going to buy the liquid wall Polycell Wallpaper Stripper. I’m glad I did.



The Polycell Wallpaper Stripper worked well but it needed some help. In order for the Polycell Wallpaper Stripper to soak into the wall paper you need perforate the wallpaper to allow the stripper to absorb into the wallpaper quicker and evenly. If you don’t do this not all the wallpaper will be wet and you will have little bits left on the wall which you will need to revisit. Don’t forget to wet the walls thoroughly. To this you need a Wallpaper Scorer. I used the Stanley Maxi Orbital Wallpaper Scorer. I went for a good make as I knew I had the whole house to score and wanted the tool to last and it did. its even done another house since and is still going strong.



I forgot to mention to spray the Polycell Wallpaper Stripper onto the walls I used hand held sprayer. Its easy to use and isn’t to heavy to use to get into those high spots.



Don’t forget to buy some scrapers. I bought the Harris Taskmasters Wallpaper Stripping and the  Long Handle Scraper



The second Long Handle Scraper looks over kill but its brilliant, allows you to reach hard to reach places and he blades on these really do get every last bit of wall paper off the walls.


Happy wallpaper scraping and Don’t forget to wet the walls thoroughly.


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