Power of Osmo – Oak Fireplace



After installing the gloating oak mantle piece I had to stain it. I came to the conclusion there were way too many choices out there. Eventually after a lot of research I came across Osmo. It truly is a wonderful product, it enhances any wood it comes in contact with and most importantly protects it. It a all natural product with allows the wood to breathe unlike normal varnishes. It also hardwearing and is as hard as the hardest of varnishes. I loved it soo much I used it on all the wood in my house. if you read on you will definitely hear more about the magical stuff.

There are server different tints of osmo Amber, Black, Gold, Graphite, Honey, Light Grey, Silver, Terra, White.

I went for the honey


Don’t forget they also sell samples…… so you don’t have to buy a big tin. try a sample on a small offcut and decide from there.

I tried the honey and amber samples. I found the amber sample too dark and too oranegy.


They also sell a clear version, you have all the same protection but its clear, it simply enhances the wood.


I shopped around and found the best deal at Wood FInishes Direct. they also have free next day delivery for all order over £50 which means free delivery for every 2.5 l tin you order, cant beat that.













As you can see the Osmo honey is a lovely colour. Make sure you put in on thin it goes far…. It is also heat resistant if you put it on thin.


I also did my floors in Osmo but that’s a story for another day

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