Paiting the Fireplaces

I decided to painte the the recesses of the fireplaces with just Dulux Matt Brilliant White to give some contrast when I paint the walls.


The lounge I decided to paint in  Dulux Feature Wall Redcurrant Glory. They only come in small 1.25L tins so I had to buy two  See the Results below:



I hope you like it i did, a feature wall is definately in!!

For the dining room as it was a dark room I painted the room in Dulux Light and Space range, the colour i picked was Honey Beam. It was a little more expensive than normal matt. What a colour its very nice. Not only is it nice it definitely makes the room lighter. If ever you have a room that’s a little dark use this pain. It works by having particles in it that reflect light. You can tell there is something different about the pain when you’re painting it on the wall it’s a lot thicker than normal paint. I will defiantly be using this paint again, I have another room i mind for it.




As you may have noticed some fire surrounds have appeard in my photographs, I will tell you more about them in my next post.


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