After installing the gloating oak mantle piece I had to stain it. I came to the conclusion there were way too many choices out there. Eventually after a lot of research I came across Osmo. It truly is a
    You may have noticed a fireplace surround has appeared. I was lucky enough to have been given a surround from a friend who had one in the shed. Result. Not only does it look good it was Free!
I decided to painte the the recesses of the fireplaces with just Dulux Matt Brilliant White to give some contrast when I paint the walls. The lounge I decided to paint in  Dulux Feature Wall Redcurrant Glory. They only come in
To recap I had to tackle my 1960’s fireplace.   I got as far as removing the 1960 fire place and all rubble behind the fireplace.   I had to decide what I was going to do next. As I
  The time came to finally tackle the fireplaces. The 1960 fireplaces, don’t they look nice. They’ve done well to last this long! Almost feels sad to demolish something that’s been untouched for 55 years. Never the less it was