1960 Fireplace Removal Retoration

To recap I had to tackle my 1960’s fireplace.


photo 5

I got as far as removing the 1960 fire place and all rubble behind the fireplace.



I had to decide what I was going to do next. As I could see I didn’t have many options. I could either expose the bricks, paint the bricks as they were or have them rendered. My preferred choice was to expose the bricks to make a feature of them but they were too in poor condition. I decided in the end to render the sides of the fireplace. The end result being nice modern square recesses’. definately an imporvement.



The tools needed to render the recess was sand and cement for the render and a plastering trowel and Hawk. You can get the sand and cement from B&Q

Plastering Trowel




If you haven’t used a hawk before its used to hold a small amount of plaster or cement as you apply it to the wall.


If you don’t think you can try the rendering your self get a builder. If you don’t know a good builder ask your friends and family, at least one of them should be able to recommend you a good builder. I do recommend you try rendering your self, what’s the worst that can happen. Don’t forget it will get plasterer over with a final coat by a plasterer. I would recommend you get a professional plasterers in to do the final coat, the final coat has to be done right and can make allthe difference


The final step was to plaster around the fireplaces. I got a professional plasterer in for this job. As you can see they have done and excellent job. Just got to wait for it to dry now so I can paint it…..



Until next time ….

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