1960 Fireplace Demolition

photo 5


The time came to finally tackle the fireplaces. The 1960 fireplaces, don’t they look nice. They’ve done well to last this long! Almost feels sad to demolish something that’s been untouched for 55 years. Never the less it was fun ripping it out and smashing it up he he. There’s no place for a 1960’s fire place in today’s world! The fireplaces were pretty much reinforced concrete with tiles on top simple to put together I guess.



After removing the concrete fireplace and hearth the original fireplace was almost visible. As you can see the original fireplaces was packed out. I was surprised how many bags of rubble came out. I finally ended out with a tidy sized fireplace.


Don’t Forget to get some Safety Goggles and a Dust Mask you would not believe the dust that come from simple jobs like this. With old houses like this all the render and plaster is lime based which won’t do your lungs any favours at all!


The mask I used was the 3M Dust Mask. I chose this mask as it had excellent reviews, I made an excellent choice I could breathe throughout the whole job.


The safety Goggles I chose were the Diall Safety Goggles, They weren’t the most expensive ones available, I thought as long as they covered my eyes then they should be fine. they did the job just fine






After putting on the Safety Goggles and a Dust Mask I tackled the fireplace and removed all the rubble, I ended up with the below:





I forgot to mention i unearthed a slate hearth at one fireplace and old tiled hearth at the other. I will show you in a later blog when they have all been cleaned up.

I was hoping to expose the bricks of the fireplace but they were too badly gone, way too much damage. I definitely think you need to have a fireplace, every living room needs a focal point.


That’s its for now, pleas come back to see what I did next

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